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Play CS: GO for free

time 01/08/2019

CS: GO, the most popular competitive FPS, is now free to play. The game switched to a new business model to allow more players to get into it. Those who get it for free have access to the full game. They will be able to access the same matchmaking system and play the same modes. The only limitations are for item drops and weapon cases. These do not influence gameplay so all players will have the same chances no matter if they are premium or not. 

The game has a premium status called prime status that can be acquired in two ways. Players can either pay for it or get it when they achieve rank 21. The last method also requires adding a phone number to the Steam account. If you are a veteran player who purchased the game, you will get prime status automatically. These players get the upgrade even if they don't have a phone number linked to the Steam account. Prime players can enjoy exclusive items such as souvenirs, drops, and weapon cases. Some of these items include the souvenir from the latest game mode, Danger Zone. The reward for playing the game in the last five years is a special item called the loyalty coin. Prime members are also matched with each other in matchmaking. This doesn't mean that players can interact only if they have the same status. It's possible to find a shared lobby and join a match no matter of the status. Matches will now have a label Prime only or non-Prime. If two players with different status are matched, the lobby gets the non-Prime label. 

CS: GO also got a new mode called Danger Zone. This mode has battle royale mechanics. Eighteen players are dropped on a map where they will fight until only one remains. It's also possible to play in a team with one or two other players. Players can engage in various strategies. Buy CS: GO items that can be used in this mode include some classic CS: GO items.

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