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Week 2 Fortnite Season 7: How to Complete the 3 Hardest Challenges

time 01/09/2019

The challenges of week 2 of the season 7 of Fortnite are already with us and with it very funny challenges like playing the piano score or completing dance duels. You must try to do each of the weekly challenges to get a lot of experience and level up and also to obtain each one of the rewards that await you in this season 7 of Fortnite.

Now we will tell you how to complete all the challenges of week 2 of season 7 of Fortnite, with detailed maps and the location of the battle star if it existed. Remember that it is advisable not to leave you without doing any of these challenges because in a few days we will have another round of challenges.

Damage your opponents with different types of weapons
We must inflict damage with five different types of weapons, so try to use all the weapons you find on stage. In this way you are worth the shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, semiautomatics or pistols, among many others. If needed, buy Fortnite items is a good choice!

Compete in a dance duel in an abandoned mansion
You need to know where the abandoned mansion is on the map. You simply have to go to the mansion that is located just north of ostentatious Oasis that of the superheroes where they have enabled a dance floor in the basement.

It is recommended that you try to do this challenge in 50 Versus 50 mode to be sure that you will not be eliminated after performing the dance.

Eliminate an enemy from at least 50m away
As 50 m is not exactly close, you must use long distance weapons like the sniper rifle. Simply choose a popular and high zone, and be patient until you can hit an enemy at that distance.

Snow Challenge of Week 2
If you manage to complete this challenge you will reach a hidden standard. For this you must overcome all the challenges of this week 2 of season 7 of Fortnite, and you will receive an image in your box office with a clue. The track is located on the screen, in the upper right corner.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account