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SWTOR – Life Day Event

time 01/10/2019

SWTOR players should not miss the opportunity to take part in the Life Day Event. This event starts on December 11 and ends on January 15. There are two missions to complete during the event. The first mission is called Special Snowflake. It's available from early level 10 so starting players can jump into it right away. This mission is all about snowball fights. When players throw snowballs during this mission they get the chance to obtain a snow covered parcel. When you have acquired a nice stash of parcels go look for the Master of Ceremonies. You should find this NPC in the Galactic Trade Market sector. Imperial and Republic players have access to this NPC. They will be able to trade their parcel for many rewards. The Master of Ceremonies also sells some items for credits. Players can buy snowball bombs and fireworks from him. Here are some of the rewards. There are three decorations to be obtained: wampa rug, freezer unit, and snow blower. Two mounts are also available. Two holo-trees can also be acquired. Players also have the chance to acquire the legacy title Life Day Celebrant. 

The second mission is called Parcel Droid. Players are invited to head out to Dromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa, and Coruscant. These are the places where parcel droids have been spotted. The droids will not give the rewards without a fight. They are malfunctioning and attacking any player who comes in close range. Luckily, you can get some items from the Master of Ceremonies to help you with these droids. The life day snowball bombs are great to cool them down. This mission gives players the chance to get four holo-trees and the Holiday Hero title. 

Don't forget to check out the other ongoing events as well. Level 15+ players can take part in Bounty Contract week events for reputation, armor, weapons, and pets. The double rewards event is a great chance to get more loot. Buy SWTOR credits and get your character equied before you start.Also don't miss the Rakghoul Plague Outbreak on Corellia for exclusive mounts and weapons. 

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