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How to Move Your Goalkeeper in FIFA 19

time 01/11/2019

In FIFA 19, mastering the goalkeeper's controls is as important as being able to score with the players on your team. In many cases, you will want to take control as a goalkeeper to prevent those free throws from falling into the net and possibly cost you a game. Or you will want to change the goalie, since you have lost control of the ball and the opponents advance to try to score. Here we show you how to move your goalkeeper in FIFA 19 and make sure you can avoid goals in key situations.

One of the new and fantastic features of the FIFA 19 game is the possibility of having full control of your goalkeeper. Many players call this addition a "game change", as it allows a new strategic game and better overall control of their team when facing an attacking team, or an opponent with kicks. The last thing you want to see is the celebration of your opponents' FIFA 19 goals on your watch!

How to move you goalkeeper?

With the right stick still pressed, you can move the stick in different directions to control your archer. For example, if the opposing team seems to have a player firing towards the right side of the goal, move the lever UP to guide the goalkeeper there (while holding the lever pressed). If the opposing team seems to be close to scoring on the other side, then you will press the stick DOWN (while holding the stick).

Press and hold the right lever on the controller (PS4 or Xbox One)

Keep the right button down while listening to the sound of a "click".

Keep the right stick down while controlling the goalkeeper.

Use the right lever to move the goalkeeper in the preferred directions (from left to right, out of goal, etc.).

Remember, keep the right stick pressed while moving your guardian. This function is available in all cases in which you need to control your caregiver. You can move with free kicks, or even side kicks that could allow scoring opportunities! And first if all, you need to have good players for you fut, buy fifa 19 players for your team and try these tips!

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