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DotA 2 – Frosthaven Mode and Magus Cypher

time 01/14/2019

Frosthaven is a special DotA 2 holiday mode. It features Grand Magus Rubick, In his quest for overwhelming power, he has decided to see what lies beneath the Frostivus tree. Players can not just stand and watch Rubick desecrate this ancient tree. They will join a team of five to stop Rubick from destroying the tree. 

Rubick will send his armies to take down the tree. Players must defeat enemy waves. They will get XP and gold and get DotA 2 Items. After surviving a wave, players have a few moments to regroup and prepare for the next encounter. Players will make use of shrines to help them achieve their goal. There are new items available during this event. Players will discover that they can use four new tools. They will get a bundle that contains consumables that can be used in this holiday mode. Some of the items can also be used in regular games. The objective of the holiday mode is to stay in the game for as long as possible. Points are awarded based on performance. Players will use the points to get more consumable items, to unlock chat wheel sounds, and to acquire presents. One of the most wanted rewards is the Gingerbread Baby Roshan courier. 

Players can also get an Arcana item for Rubick. This item grants access to 115 spell effects. The Magus Cypher changes color when Rubick steals a spell. He will eventually learn how to make personalized spell effects based on 115 unique abilities. The new item also comes with new animations for casting, running, dying, and more. Spell Steal will also have a new effect and sound differently. The Crux of Perplex Immortal will have a dynamic color effect. Those who finish the style progression will unlock a custom ground effect. Rubick also gets remastered voice and a custom hero portrait and emoticons. This item is a premium item that can be bought from the DotA 2 store for $35. 

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