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CS:GO - What is Danger Zone

time 02/06/2019

Danger Zone is the newest way to play CS:GO. This is a battle royale mode. In this particular scenario, a bunch of combatants fight on a map until one player or one team remains alive. It's a popular competitive scenario. Players can enter a match alone or with a team. If they enter the match alone, they will enter a match with 16 participants. If they decide to join a team of two or three, then there will be up to 18 participants. A game normally lasts 10-15 minutes. Players will be able to use the same weapons that are available in other CS:GO modes. The weapons have the same attributes and behave in the same way.

Players will begin a game by dropping into the Blacksite. They can decide in which location to begin the match. At the start of the game, most players begin looking for items that will prepare them to fight others. The games are pretty fast-paced so make sure not to waste too much time. You can explore the area where you landed to collect gear and items but always be on the lookout. Equipment and money can be acquired. If you see a safe, you can be sure that there is some money inside it. Safes are locked but you can use some explosive to open it. There are also missions and objectives that will help you earn money. If you help a hostage reach the safe zone, you will get a cash reward. There are also contracts that put bounties on certain targets. Completing them will also earn you money. All the weapons that are available in the base game can also be used in this battle royale mode. Don't forget that equipment can be found in crates that are brought by drones to the battlefield. Also, check the tablet for information. You will see the map that shows the location of the enemies and also the danger zone. Deliveries are also shown on the map. There is also a special Danger Zone crate that has 17 community created weapon designs. For more CS:GO guide and buy CS:GO items, please

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