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They Try to Do Business in FIFA 19 With the Disappearance of Emiliano Sala's Plane

time 02/08/2019

The plane in which Emiliano Sala was traveling, a former Nantes player recently signed by Cardiff, has disappeared over the waters of the English Channel.

While the search of the private plane in which Emiliano Sala traveled, recently signed by Cardiff, has continued, a very serious controversy has been generated in the networks on behalf of different FIFA 'gamers'. Although it is only a video game and there is no real money, many FIFA players are trying to do business with Emiliano Sala's card.
In Ultimate mode of FIFA 19, gamers collect player cards with which they make their teams. It is one of the most successful game modes to be able to sign any player as long as they have the necessary 'coins'. The news that Emiliano Sala could have died in a plane crash has triggered the price of his card in the video game. Something that is being described as shameful in the networks.
An extreme shame that leaves us badly standing to the Gamers
It is not the first thing that happens. In 2012, after suffering a cardiac arrest in the heat of the match, the card of the player Fabrice Muamba also underwent an unprecedented revaluation. Fortunately, the footballer was able to recover from his ailment although he was forced to leave football.
The search for Sala's plane continues on Tuesday without the French authorities having yet been able to notify the appearance of any trace of the aircraft. The strong winds and the storm that is developing in the area have made difficult the tasks even leading to suspend them during the early hours of Monday to Tuesday.
The plane of soccer player Emiliano Sala has disappeared while going to his presentation with Cardiff. Now record it in FIFA, it will go up in price. If you like him, buy FIFA 19 Player safe for your team now, it is not brilliant gold and it seems that it has died.

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