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Fortnite Snowman to Attack!

time 02/09/2019

We show you how the stealthy snowman works, a new tool from Fortnite Battle Royale that allows us to camouflage ourselves and create decoys.

On January 22, the patch that updated it to version v.7.20 was applied to Fortnite Battle Royale. In addition to the more than typical minor arrangements, this update has added to Fortnite - which is still in Season 7 of its Battle Pass - a new tool of various functions: the stealthy snowman. These funny snowmen serve as decoys, as to disguise with them. Below we detail its use, and possible strategies:
Where to find the stealth snowman in Fortnite Battle Royale? How does it work? What is it for?
As we just said, the stealthy snowman has two possible uses:
We can disguise ourselves with him in a similar way to when we use a bush. However, the stealthy snowman will protect us from up to 100 points of damage, and we will automatically remove it when taking the plans to build, or change objects. We can move freely by having it equipped.
Another option would be to throw it on stage. The snowman will remain static, and have a certain amount of health. So, do you want to buy Fortnite items for your character and join into this now? Get a snowman will be very helpful for you. Looks what else he could do.
It seems simple, but we have a wide range of possibilities with this new tool. The most obvious is to disguise with him and remain completely still for, in the case that an enemy player passes close to us and does not detect that we are a person, ambushing him changing weapons quickly -with the disguise during the process- and power liquidate it with relative ease with the surprise factor.
Another idea that occurs to us is simply to place the stealthy snowmen as a decoy. Surely other players will smash them to death thinking that there may be some hidden player inside. The noise of his shots helps us to locate them so that, once again, we can ambush or at least control their movements.

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