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Elder Scrolls Online – Zone Guide

time 03/09/2019

Elder Scrolls Online has evolved a lot since it was released. It has not become only better but also bigger. The game now has more zones than it had on release day. As the map is expanding, players are finding it more difficult to keep track of their progress in a certain zone. Thanks to a new feature introduced in Update 21, players will now be able to achieve 100% zone completion easier and faster. This new feature is called zone guide. It will keep track of achievements for that certain zone, completed story quests, completed delves, completed public dungeons, completed dolmens and abyssal geysers, defeated world bosses, unlocked wayshrines, unlocked skyshards, visited points of interest, visited striking locales, visited Mundus stones, visited set crafting stations, and unlocked lore books. The zone guide is useful for veteran and beginner players as well. Veteran players will find it easier to complete zones using this new tool. New players can use it for guidance and to discover what the game has to offer.

Players can check out this new feature from the activity feed and from the announcement panel. They will also find a new list called map completion in the map UI. Another great feature is the ability to start and to resume the story quests. If players haven't started the story quests, they will see a button saying Start Zone Story. This button will show them where to find the NPC that starts the quest line. If they have started the quest, the button will say Continue Zone Story. Once the players have finished the story, the button will display Explore Zone. Players will see map indicators that show places of interest.  However, the location of the skyshards and lore books is not shown on the map. Players will still need to look for them but luckily, the new feature will keep track of the found ones. The zone guide is part of the base game update that is available for free to all players. Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold cheapest and try this useful guide now. 

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