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5 Best Players You Can Buy on FUT 19

time 03/10/2019

Here is a list of the top 5 players you can buy on FUT FUT 19 to complete the creation of your dream team, even though it will cost a lot of money.

Surely you are still playing FUT 19, especially because of its wide possibilities. It's not easy to have the best player in the world FUT 19 on your team, but if you have done the right thing, you already have several stars.
If you want to know which are the best choice to buy fut 19 players, we offer you their list, of which you will find Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. This will help you know your score and certain characteristics, if you have money to get these papers.
The 5 best players you can buy on FUT FUT 19
Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) 99
One of the most famous shows from Real Madrid in its history, and now advancing from Juventus. Even though in Italy it is not far like in Spain, yes that players (covers of FUT 19) are soccer players with better scores than all matches. He scored almost perfectly in five parts, including 99 in shooting and 98 in dribbling. It costs around 8 million coins.
Messi (FC Barcelona) 99
Most consider him the best soccer player of all time, and he is only able to give many points and titles to the team. It has a score of 99 in shooting and 99 in dribbling, which is impossible to stop. Maybe the weak point is physical. It costs almost 5 million coins.
Modric (Real Madrid) 99
The last Golden Ball also ranks very well in every part, highlighting 99 passes and dribbling. He is also good at defending, has a good physique and shoots very well on goal. That is, he is an all midfielder who cannot miss on your team. The current price is around 3 million coins.
Pelé (Brazil) 98
This classic player, a three-time winner of the World Cup, is still considered the best soccer player of all time. Among the most important statistics is the number 96 in dribbling and shooting, while the physical and defense are not strong. The price of this card is close to 5 million coins, if you want to get a classic card.
Diego Maradona (Argentina) 97
One of the greatest players of all time, and is considered by many to be the best player in history. This card has 97 dribbling and 93 deep shots. Maradona is not very good at defending and that is also reflected, and players also do not have good physique. If you want to spend 3 million coins to have this player on your team, you won't regret it.

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