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Blade and Soul – Prince of Darkness Update

time 03/11/2019

Prince of Darkness is a Blade and Soul update introduced in February 2019. It brings a new dungeon, the Blade and Soulmate event, and several item changes. The new heroic dungeon is called the Brood Chamber. It can be tackled on normal and hard. Players need to be level 55 and Hongmoon level 17 for the dungeon. They also need to have completed chapter 18 of act 9. The location of Prince Subin and his allies was finally uncovered. The Stratus Empire asks a band of brave adventurers to infiltrate the location and to defeat the prince. This will be a difficult task but players who manage to successfully complete it get some great rewards. The Bloodlust costume set is on the rewards list. Players will also get the legendary Imperial Gloves and the Discordia Necklace. They will also acquire material chests, pet packs, sacred vials, and onyx scales. 

The update brings the 2019 Valentine's Day themed event. It is called Blade and Soulmate. The event runs until March 13th. Players will complete dungeons and raids to acquire exclusive items. The Blackram Supply Chain dungeon is available in an event themed version. Players who complete the daily dungeon quest get lots of XP,Blade and Soul Gold and one the three chests. Each chest contains some guaranteed rewards and the chance for other items. The merchant of wonders is a special event vendor that has some exclusive items such as cosmetics and pets. The other event dungeon is Hongsil. Players will get event coins and other items for completing the dungeon daily quest. Event coins are also earned by completing selected raids during the event. Upgrade materials can be acquired from the daily challenge. The coins can be exchanged at the dragon express for items. Players can get cosmetics, gems, consumables, and upgrade materials in exchange for coins. The store also has some new event themed items. The update also comes with some changes. Players will be happy to know that some locked weapons no longer require a key. They will also give a weapon for that specific class. A couple of items such as the orbs, demon spirit stone, and a few others will become deprecated. 

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