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David Katz, the Man Who Stained a Madden NFL 19 Tournament

time 03/13/2019

The 24-year-old remained aloof from other competitors in the championships where he participated, and when he lost he exploded everything.

David Katz, 24, was identified as the gamer who shot and killed two colleagues before killing himself after being eliminated from the video game championship on Sunday in Jacksonville, Florida, United States.
Katz was from Baltimore, Maryland, and had traveled to Jacksonville, Florida, to participate in a Madden NFL 19 championship, based on the American football league. Nicknamed "Bread" ("bread"), the young man had won similar competitions in 2017.
The boy's father, Richard Katz, is an engineer from NASA, they confirmed from the US space agency.
But although Katz was listed as an Environmental Engineering student at the University of Maryland since 2014, he never showed up to a single class, the CNN website reported.
Instead he stayed away from the people, he was reserved and unsociable even in event like the Madden NFL 19 championships, which tend to be the focus of public relations between the players and their admirers.
In addition to killing two people, Katz wounded nine others before taking his own life.
Why do we go over this story again?
To create awareness in the gamer guild. It is not possible that violence has escalated so much. It is not possible that violence has already touched extremely vulnerable steps, such as the world of video games.
Video games do not make a person violent (if that is the argument of a reader), violence is created in the family. That is where the plan to eradicate violence must begin. Parents are the responsible ones for their child behavior and not videogames. Thanks for reading! Follow u7buy to buy Madden 19 coins cheap and get the latest news and gameplay guides. 

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