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FIFA 19 – Squad Battles

time 03/25/2019

Squad battles are a FIFA 19 feature that allows players to compete against the computer. This feature is available within Ultimate Team. Players take part in games against computer controlled teams. They earn points and rewards. These games are ranked. After a match ends, players get battle points for their performance. The number of earned points is calculated based on two formulas. Players get points whether they win or lose. As it's only normal, more points are acquired for winning. The formulas that determine how many points players get take several factors such as game difficulty, skill coins, goals, and more into consideration. 

Opponent squads are controlled by the AI but they are designed by other Ultimate Team players. So players have the chance to play against teams from online and offline draft, division rivals, and FUT champions. Players have multiple opponents to choose from. There are opponent squads from three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. Each team has two attributes: team rating and chemistry value. The sum of these attributes is called the overall squad rating. The easy squads range in rating from 0 to 140. The medium ones have 141 to 182 rating. The hard ones have more than 183 rating. 
Featured squad battles pit players against teams created by members of the FIFA 19 community, pro players, and even football players. Keep an eye on the weekly squad battles for featured games. The number of points obtained from these matches is different from the normal battles. Players get points based on difficulty and the outcome of the game. For example, on ultimate difficulty players get 2,000 points for winning and 1,400 for losing. The number of points determines the leaderboard rank. The leaderboards are reset each week. Each rank can hold a certain number of players. You might get a higher or lower rank even if you are inactive for some days. Rewards are obtained based on the rank. The leaderboard is updated every few minutes. This is a good chance for you to test your team, buy fifa 19 coins safe for your team if you want to win!

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