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BnS – Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove

time 03/26/2019

BnS is hosting another round of the Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove event. Characters who are at least level 36 can take part in the event. Players get treasure troves which are boxes that contain various items. They can open one trove a day for free and choose one item from the trove to buy using gold. There are some really nice items that can be obtained from these boxes. Those who are looking to obtain more items can get treasure troves expansions and keys. The expansion is a premium feature obtained from the Hongmoon store. It adds six more treasure trove slots which means that players can open six more boxes per day. The keys used to open these additional troves can also be found at the store. Players can save up when buying keys and expansions bundles. Premium subscribers get one free key per day. Players that want to speed things up can open five boxes at once. The contents of a box will be the same, you just open them all at once. As one can imagine, five keys are used in the process.

Troves are rated with stars. They can have one, two, or three stars. The number of stars determines the quality of the items that are found inside. Players have a way to increase their chances of getting better troves. The crit meter is a feature that allows players to increase the quality of the opened troves. Each time players get a trove, the crit meter goes up by 1-3 points. It can be increased by 5-15 if you have five troves. When the crit meter reaches 40, the next bought key will generate a two stars trove at least. Players also get bonus rewards based on how many boxes they open. When certain milestones are reached, additional items are obtained as rewards. The first milestone is achieved after opening five boxes. The rewards obtained from the event include cosmetics, materials, and upgrades. If you need gold, buy BnS gold cheapest online is a better choice which will be more faster and easier.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account