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FUT 19 – UT Squad Attributes

time 04/11/2019

FUT 19 is about collecting football players and organizing them into squads. These squads are used to take part in a variety of single and multiplayer modes. is getting bigger each year. Obtaining new players for your squad is an ongoing process. Getting new cards and combining them into squads are basic features. You might have found a squad you like and you're planning on sticking to it. That's not a good strategy because the game is evolving and your winning team might not do so well long term. Here are a couple of things that will help you better understand UT squads.

A squad has two major attributes: rating and chemistry. These attributes are to be taken into consideration when making team modifications. The rating ranges from one to five stars. The chemistry is a value with a maximum of 100. The rating is determined based on the rating of each player that is part of the starting 11. When you will be playing against others in online multiplayer games, the rating is used to pair players together for matches. The rating will also have an impact on the performance of the team. The team's chemistry is based on players' chemistry. The player's chemistry is based on league, club, and nationality. The chemistry between players is determined based on how many of these three attributes players have in common. Great (green line) chemistry means that players share two attributes. Good (orange line) chemistry means that players share one attribute and bad (red line) chemistry means that players don't have any attributes in common. The position of the player can influence the player's chemistry and the team's chemistry. However, it does not affect the chemistry between players. So, when looking for new players to improve a squad, keep in mind these two attributes. Now, you can buy fut 19 coins no ban from u7buy and get the players you need for fut. Naturally, better OVR players will be the preferred choice but don't forget about chemistry as well. Take a look at the team's chemistry and the lines that form between players. Consider the purpose of the squad too. Experiment with various combinations to find the best one.

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