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FUT Mobile – Kit Locker Event

time 04/12/2019

FUT Mobile players have the chance to get kits from various football clubs. Kit Locker event is an activity that rewards players with kits. Players can acquire the kit of their favorite club or go for all available kits. This all depends on their card collection and team composition. The event doesn't have extremely challenging content but this doesn't mean that it can be completed with a few taps. There is a requirement to take part in it. To be eligible to receive a kit from a certain club, players must have 11 player items from that club in their active lineup.

Players can access this event from the Events tab on the home screen. Tap on it and the Events interface will open. There are no level or other requirements to take part in it. Even a new FUT Mobile player can access the event, however, don't get your hopes up if you don't have a significant collection of players. In order to be able to start the event, you need to assign 11 players from the same club to the active lineup. Choose a favorite club and go for its kit. You can open the MyTeam edit option from the Kit Locker event. Just tap the button saying Go to MyTeam at the bottom of the event page. You will be taken to the MyTeam interface where you can see your starting 11. Now select 11 players from the same club and make them your active lineup. Then go back to the Kit Locker event and start the activity. You will have to win some matches before claiming the prize. The matches are not that hard to win, having 11 players from the same club is the real challenge of this event. FUT Mobile has lots of ways to get players and buy fut coins no ban online. You even get some for free. Check out other events, don't forget the campaign, and see what other game activities reward players. If you are willing to spend some money, head to the store to acquire packs.

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