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FUT Mobile – VS Attack Matchmaking

time 05/03/2019

FUT Mobile has a competitive mode called VS Attack mode. Matchmaking is the game system that pairs players for VS Attack mode games. When a player presses the Play button in the VS Attack mode screen, the matchmaking system starts looking for an opponent. Here is how this system works.

The fan count is taken into consideration when looking for an opponent. The system tries to find a player who has an equal or similar number of fans. The OVR does not count for matchmaking. That's why players will have an opponent that has higher or lower OVR. The matchmaking system looks for another player with a similar fan count who wants to join a VS Attack game. If a player with a similar fan count is not found, the system expands the search by increasing the fan count gap. This often happens in higher divisions. In lower divisions, players will most of the times be matched with someone that has a similar fan count. This is possible because there are more players in lower divisions than in higher ones. Finding an opponent in lower divisions is also much faster. This is also because there are more players. Higher divisions have fewer players. The chances to find someone with a similar number of fans are smaller. That's why it takes longer to find an opponent. The matchmaking system increases the pool of players by expanding the fan count difference by a few percentages. Then it tries to find an opponent. If an opponent is not found, then the process is repeated. This system works great for lower divisions but the trouble is that high rated players can wait up to 10 minutes to find an opponent. When players are matched against someone who has a higher number of fans, the system will also take this into consideration when handing out rewards. The number of lost and won fans is tweaked accordingly. This feature makes it up a bit for the difference between players' skills. The two participants and rewarded based on their efforts.At last, buy fut coins from u7buy will be the best choice for you, both for fut 19 and fut mobile. 

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