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SWTOR – Companion System

time 05/08/2019

SWTOR has a feature that allows players to explore the world with a partner. These partners are called companions. A player can unlock different companions. There are five class companions. They will be unlocked as the player progresses through the game. There is a ship droid that acts as a companion as well. Two more companions will be acquired if the player completes certain missions. The first companion is easily obtained from the character's starting locations. The companion system is part of the game and players can earn great advantages from this feature. 

Combat help is one of the main reasons to have a companion. Players can get combat bonuses from their companion by improving their influence with them. Influence can be improved with gifts. Each companion has gift preferences. Make sure to give your companion the right gift else your influence with them will not change. Influence can be improved by making certain choices during dialogues. The influence rank determines the speed of the crew skill missions. Each time a companion gets a new influence rank, they will get some boosts to critical rate and time efficiency for crew skill tasks and cheap SWTOR Credits. They will also get a presence boost that will raise their HP and increase how much healing and damage they do in combat. The crew skill missions are tasks that can be assigned to companions. There are gathering, crafting, and mission skills. Gathering tasks send companions to retrieve resources with archaeology, slicing, bio-analysis, and scavenging. There are six crafting skills that use the resources gathered with the previous skills. Companions can craft armor, blasters and blaster rifles, Jedi and Sith artifacts, Force outfits, implants and consumables, and gadgets. There are four categories of missions: diplomacy, treasure hunting, investigation, and underworld trading. 
There are also companions that have romance options. Players that want to unlock this feature must speak to their companion in the cantina or on their ships. A romanced companion will change its preference for gifts. There are lots of different gifts categories such as courting, military gear, luxury, weapons, trophies, and so on. 

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