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ESO – Introducing the Necromancer

time 05/16/2019

The ESO class roster is getting bigger with the release of the Elsweyr expansion. This premium content addition is coming on June 4th. A new class is among the features of this new expansion. Players will be able to become Necromancers. This new class is similar with to others but it also has some unique mechanics. 

Necromancers are part of Tamriel since the very beginning. We've met villains, such as Mannimarco who practiced this dark art. We've also encountered Necromancers during quests as the bad guys. Although necromancy has existed in this universe since forever, the practice is forbidden. Everyone agrees that nothing good comes from manipulating dead souls. The Mages Guild recognizes this magic practice but as a separate school. There are Necromancers who believe that this practice is just like any others. This controversy and mixed opinions will reflect in the class mechanics. 
The Necromancer class has three skill lines just like any other ESO class. The Grave Lord skill line is a magic DPS oriented specialization. The Bone Tyrant line is for a tanking role. Living Death skill line has HP restoring spells. So, Necromancers can be DPS, tanks, or healers. As you can imagine, the spells are based on using the fallen as a resource. Players who plan on becoming a Necromancer should know that practicing it might bring consequences. On the battlefield, they can do whatever they want, but in towns or NPCs populated areas, Necromancy is still a forbidden art. If players use some of their Necromancy spells in public, they will get punished for it. This is where the Justice system comes in. But don't let that discourage you from becoming a Necromancer. Only iconic abilities will draw attention. For example, raising the dead under the terrified eyes of NPCs is not a good idea. You might also want to find a secluded place to transform into a bone colossus. Developers promise that players will not be penalized for playing this class and the Justice system won't interfere with questing or other activities other classes can freely perform.
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