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SWTOR – What Are Flashpoints

time 05/25/2019

Dungeons in SWTOR are called flashpoints. These are instanced areas that are meant to be cleared by a group of players. In addition to fighting dungeon mobs and bosses, players will also be faced with decisions while adventuring in a dungeon. Cutscenes are part of the dungeon run too. Flashpoints are connected to the story. Players will get missions that are completed in flashpoints. Such missions will require players to talk to NPCs, to defeat enemies, and to complete additional objectives. These side objectives will expand the mission so their worth the time. When players are asked to make moral choices they should know that their decision will have consequences. The dark and light system comes into play. Players will notice that the flashpoint changes based on their actions. Combat is part of the flashpoint experience. These encounters can be extremely difficult. Players have to work together to take down the enemies. The first flashpoint is available at early level seven. As players level up, they will unlock more flashpoints. A flashpoint group must have a certain composition regarding character roles. The game has a type of flashpoints called tactical that don't have this requirement. The group finder system will match the first four players that meet the level requirement, no matter what their role they play. 

Players run flashpoints to get rewards and to discover more about the story. When players finish a flashpoint scenario they get XP, SWTOR Credits currency, commendations, loot, and dark or light points. The daily mission is an objective that requires players to complete certain flashpoints. Don't forget to get this daily quest to get more rewards. Players can visit the dropship launch hangar to get flashpoint quests. Some of the best gear in the game is obtained from flashpoints. Running flashpoints is a great way to obtain nice equipment. Players that are still leveling will notice that they get plenty of XP from flashpoints. Those who are max level and already have good gear like the challenging bosses that can be encountered in these activities.

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