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SWTOR – The Pirate Incursion Event

time 06/10/2019

SWTOR players can take part in a new event called The Pirate Incursion. This event is available to all characters that are at least level 20 so the requirement is not too harsh. The Pirate Incursion takes place on Dantooine. The planet is the center of conflicts between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic. Dantooine belongs to the Republic but now it is under attack from the Nova Blades. These pirates have been convinced by the Empire to attack the planet. The Empire's plan is to weaken the Republic’s defenses and to achieve a key victory that will bring them one step closer to total domination. 

Players will choose the side they want to help. The event will task them with daily missions. There will be normal and heroic missions available. The Republic’s goal is to defend the planet from the Nova Blades attacks by dealing a decisive strike to the pirates. The Empire's objective is to achieve as much destruction as possible so it can eventually control the planet. The pirates are also involved in this but they don't care too much about the winner. They just want to pillage as much as possible but it's not just the pirates who get rewards. Players will also get prizes for their participation. There are some unique items to be obtained from this event. Players will unlock these items by gaining reputation. The items can be bought with tokens that are obtained from dailies. Two armor sets, a new companion, two mounts, a pet, and a stronghold decoration are the rewards of this event. Buy SWTOR credits cheapest for your character and join in the event!
Players that are worried that the face of the planet is forever changed by this event can rest assured. The planet will return to normal when the event is not active. The daily missions that were available before the event can still be completed. The event will take place for two weeks in the beginning and then be part of the events' rotation. Those who complete the Ossus story will notice that some Dantooine missions are not the same anymore. The Pirate Incursion begins June 4th. 

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