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Exasperating Situations That Only FUT 19 Fans Will Understand

time 06/11/2019

Difficult situations, absurd bugs, AI responses totally excessive and incomprehensible, and many other failures are those that, daily, are the millions of gamers regardless of their favorite genre. In addition to playing against "the machine", the problems increase if what you want is to practice online against other gamers. Delay, slow or bad connection, errors in the systems and servers of the video game itself, micro-cuts, etc. and many other disadvantages can generate that the gaming experience is really bad and result in a bad time for players who just wanted to enjoy their free time or test their competitive skills.

Rebounds, false starts, random situations
In its desire to turn FUT into a virtual football simulator, this year the random situations that can be associated with "luck" have become very palpable. This year they are much more present than in previous deliveries rebounding goals, another of the most classic "gamepad breakers". You go 1-1, 93 minutes, rival's faulty shot, rebound in a player and ... goal against. The false starts of the goalkeepers, or "go out for grapes", in the corners is also present. And it is usually at the worst moment (when you are losing or drawing) ... Patience friends, patience...
CPU defense
Another situation that more managers have broken, more screams have been heard and more complaints have been reaped. "What do you play for if you are going to let the CPU solve your problems in defense?", "Again defending with CPU? Why do not you let it attack too?", These and many other phrases are what the players shout when they see a player from midfield up running like a madman and covering pass lines, while the defensive line is completely at the service of the CPU and with a performance far above what you would expect.
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