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GW2 – Key of Adhashim Raid

time 06/14/2019

GW2 players have a new challenging activity to look forward to. They have already proven their worth in the Mystic Forge but this new raid will come with new bosses and challenges. Players get to set foot inside the city of  Adhashim. The place has been inaccessible for centuries. No one knows what really lies there. There are some old secrets that no one has uncovered since a long time ago. Players need to be prepared to face whatever dangers lie hidden in this ancient city. Make sure that your gear is in order before entering. The new raid is called Key of Adhashim. It has terrifying bosses that won't go down that easily. Players should prepare for difficult encounters. 

The raid continues the story of water djinn Zommoros and water djiin Qadim. They are rivals. Players have already taken care of some business in the Mystic Forge but Qadim is still a very serious threat. He has gone to the city of Adhashim in hope of acquiring the mystical power that will allow him to become invincible. Players can not just stand by and let this happen. The entire world's fate is at stake. If Qadim is successful, the city and any other djinn that doesn't perish will be corrupted. This will also affect the world. 
The opening event is all about world bosses that are affected by the Mystic Forge. Players who complete these encounters will be able to get some crystal essences. These essences will be used to acquire some new weapons. They will also be used for upgrade. Here are the world bosses that are part of the event. Players will have to kill the following bosses: the shadow behemoth, the shaman chief, Ulgoth, Admiral Taidha Covington, the Karka Queen, the Claw of Jormag, the Shatterer, the Inquest's golem Mark II, Tequatl the Sunless, the mega destroyer, and the great jungle wurm. Buy GW2 gold enough for your character first, and players will also have to take part in the Triple Trouble event and to use the CLEAN 5000 to destroy the fire elementals.

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