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SWTOR – Onslaught Set Bonuses and Tactical Items

time 06/15/2019

Onslaught is the new SWTOR expansion. It is set for release in September 2019. Several changes and new features will be available once the expansion releases. One of the changes brought by Onslaught refers to set bonuses. The current system offers only one set per character role. This is somewhat restrictive as players don't have too many options. The good news is that this is going to change in the new expansion. There will more sets so players can have more choices when it comes to their class. There will be different sets to acquire per class. Players can even get sets that are not for their class. There's more good news regarding the set bonuses. Players will be able to equip items from different sets. This will make this system even more flexible. All set bonuses will be on the armor shell. After players obtain a piece of gear they will be able to upgrade the mods that are on it. As you get more power, the item will be more valuable as well. This new system will help players get more customization. This works for all types of sets.

The expansion comes with a new type of items. These are called tactical items. The tactical items work with set bonuses. The new items are not that easy to obtain but they are extremely valuable. Combined with the new set bonus system, the tactical items will allow players to customize their characters in any way they want. There are will be lots of tactical items for each discipline and advanced class. Players will notice that their abilities will be more powerful if they use tactical items. This new system will increase the abilities' effects. For example, abilities that deal damage will deal even more. A single-target ability can become AOE. Abilities may also get new effects. The entire point of tactical items is to mix them with set bonuses, get SWTOR Credits. Players will be able to develop new ways to play their favorite classes and roles.

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