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FUT 19 - UEFA Champions League Statistics

time 06/17/2019

FUT 19 has many nice activities but, without a shadow of a doubt, UEFA Champions League mode was one of the most well-received additions. Players finally got the chance to play this beloved cup with the authentic teams. To celebrate the success of this mode, the team behind the game has made available some statistics. Here are some of them. 

Since UEFA Champions League became available, players all over the world took part in more than 55 million games in this mode. These games were played in at least 185 countries. France is the country that leads in the “games played by country” category. It has 4.3 million games. Italy comes close with 4.2 million matches. Great Britain and Brazil share third place with 3.8 million matches. USA had 3.4 and Mexico follows with 3.2. Spain has 2.5 million played games and Turkey has 1.5 million. Juventus is the club that scored the most wins with 5 million. Paris Saint Germain is another popular team and players scored 4 million wins with it. Manchester City and Real Madrid have 2 million. FC Bayern Munchen has 1 million. The statistics also show the UEFA Champions League footballers that scored the most goals. 
Cristiano Ronaldo leads the top with 5.4 million goals. Despite this achievement, the player was removed from the game cover because of some real-world issues. FUT 19 officials said that they are closely monitoring the situation and wait for the development. In the meantime, the game cover features the new FUT 19 Players - De Bruyne, Neymar Jr., and Dybala trio. Speaking of Neymar Jr. and Dybala, they are also among the players that scored the most goals. Neymar is a Brazilian player that is currently with Paris Saint Germain. He plays as a forward and he is proficient with both feet. He scored 3.1 million goals in this mode. Paulo Dybala, the Argentine footballer that is with Juventus, scored 2.3 million goals. Cavani with 3.1 million goals and Mbappe with 2.5 million complete the top.

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