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FUT 19 – Chemistry in UT

time 06/25/2019

FUT 19 has a feature called chemistry. It's a crucial gameplay component for . This mode seems simple but, in fact, it's quite complex. The good news is that you can play it in any way you want. You can keep things uncomplicated and have fun collecting cards and playing the non-competitive modes. Others like to dig deeper and discover all that the mode has to offer. If you are one of those people, you can not ignore this feature called chemistry. 

If you want to have an optimal UT squad, then you need to take chemistry into consideration. This is just as important as the players' quality. The thing is that even the best players will not bring the desired value to the team if their chemistry is not on point. This feature will help you get the most out of your team. The equation is simple. Better chemistry equals better performance. You should aim to maximize the chemistry between FUT 19 players buying to maximize the odds of emerging victorious from matches. 
Check the chemistry of your team in the Active Squad display. Look in the upper right corner for the chemistry rating. The chemistry between players influences the overall team chemistry. Players that have good chemistry will be linked by green lines. Each footballer has a chemistry style. The goal is to have players with complementary styles. This is one way of enhancing the overall chemistry. Keep in mind that you should aim for green lines as this color represents the best chemistry. You can change the style of a player. The chemistry styles cards can be found in packs. These packs are bought from the store and from the transfer market. Another way of improving team chemistry is to assign players in their favorite positions. You should also aim to match nationality, league, and club. The manager is an important part of the team as well. The loyalty and chemistry features go hand in hand. Remember that you can always replace your players and find new ones from packs and from the transfer market.

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