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FIFA 19 – What is Fitness in UT

time 07/08/2019

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team has many gameplay elements. Fitness is one of them. This is a sort of attribute that impacts how FIFA 19 players perform while they play matches. Players that are acquired from packs have full fitness so you don't need to worry about it from the beginning.

Fitness in UT works like fitness effectiveness in real life. Players that take part in games get tired. When this happens, you will notice a decrease in their fitness attribute. As you can imagine, this will impact their performance in the upcoming game. You need to do something about it because players with low fitness become a liability for the team. On top of that, they can also get injured. There's a way to bring back up a player's fitness level. The solution comes in the form of a consumable item. You need to apply this item to players that have low fitness.

Go to the Active Squad menu and look for the player that has low fitness. Highlight the player and open the Action menu. Look for the option that says Apply Consumable. This will allow you to select a fitness consumable. Apply the item that will restore the player's fitness level. You can also check out the fitness level of all players. Use the right stick and the status info view option. The Suggested Consumables feature comes in handy. This feature will let you know when a player is in need of a fitness boost.

We said earlier that fitness in UT works like in real life. FUT players can also regain their fitness level by resting. This means that players will have to take a break from playing. You can move a player with a low fitness level in Substitutes and Reserves. They are still part of the team but they won't be playing in matches until you move them back in the active squad. This is an alternative way to restore some fitness without using consumables. It takes longer to completely replenish fitness this way but at least it saves you a consumable item.

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