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FIFA 19: Ultimate Team of the Season Guarantee SBC

time 07/10/2019

The ultimate team of the season is a combination of all the best FIFA players from each of the teams building up to now. The team consists of players of the highest level such as: Lionel Messi (99), Cristiano Ronaldo (99), Luis Suarez (98), Marco Reus (98) and many more! But this pack does not guarantee the best; there are a few lower end players, that, for many users, are not desirable. Some of these controversial players are: Allison (95), Sarabia (94), Oblak (95).

The method of obtaining this guaranteed pack is through an SBC only.
The requirements are: 1 TOTS player, 87 rated overall, 70 chemistry.
These requirements accumulate a price of around 190,000 coins. This is, of course, a gamble. The most valuable player you can get is Ronaldo (99) at a price of 7,000,000 coins. However, the least valuable is Sarabia (94) at 90,000 coins. The chance of getting the lower cards is much higher than the expensive ones. Only 4 players out of 20 are worth less than the squad you must submit, leaving the odds in your favour. On top of this, EA recently released sbc upgrade packs which can be used to lower the price of the sbc dependent on your luck.
Will you risk your coins for a shot at the best of the best?
(Contributed by Nathan Needham)

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