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FUT 19 : Futties Winner goes to Hirving Lozano SBC!

time 07/11/2019

The first vote open to the public for this year's Futties event was Speedsters. This included only RW/RM players, these were Balde Diao, Gelson Martins and Lozano. The fan selected winner was Hirving Lozano. 

Most people called it an injustice that Lozano wasn't given a Team of the Season card especially after receiving: 2 informs, an upgrade of +2 on his base card, a UCL card and a headliners card. This created a bit of an upset as he is very popular in the Fifa community due to influencers. So this Futties card will have absolutely destroyed the other 2 in the voting section and created a positive vibe for the FUT community.     

Hirving Lozano is a 23 year old Mexican winger for the Dutch (Eredivisie) club PSV. With him being in the early stages of his career, showing his ability has sparked hope for a dream move to a bigger club in Europe. Here, he will be able to show his true potential and truly flourish into the best player he can be.

EA have been very generous with the card that has been released. He has been revealed a 92 rated RW. However his stats suggest a higher rating like a 93 or 94. The new pink card has 99 pace, 94 dribbling, 92 shooting, 90 passing and 99 stamina. This shows that he is meant to be a starting 11 kind of player. Some people may see Mexican and PSV and think there is no way that he can start the first lineup when in truth, its quite easy. As he plays the RW position, he will most likely link to the RB. PSV happen to have one of, if not the most, favorable defenders on the game, Dumfries. He has a 90 rated TOTS which is used by many players. As well as this, there are many icons on the game including prime icon moments Hernandez. This icon striker is from Mexico and therefore provides a strong link to Lozano. In a 4-3-3 either of these players would be almost perfect to provide Hirving with chemistry, allowing him to start.

On top of him being an amazing card that has many usable links, he is cheap, very cheap. As predicted, the winning item was released as an SBC. This SBC is made up of 2 separate squads. The first one requiring:
2 Mexican players
1 Inform/Tots
83 Squad rating
75 Team chemistry
This costs around 60,000 FUT coins and returns a 45,000 coin prime gold players pack. With all of the special cards that are available in packs there is an opportunity to even make profit from the SBC.

The second squad requires:
1 Eredivisie player
84 Squad rating
75 Team chemistry
This squad comes out at around 70,000 coins and gives back a 30,000 coin rare electrum players pack. This means that the SBC costs about 130,000 coins and returns 75,000 in packs meaning you get an insanely good, 92 rated Lozano for 55,000 coins.

We're coming to the end of FUT and this SBC proves that EA are rewarding those who stay. Make sure you don't miss out on the festivities.

(Contributed by Nathan Needham)

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