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FUT 19 – How to Obtain FUTTIES Players

time 07/18/2019

It's that time of the year when FUT 19 players are taking part in the FUTTIES event. A large collection of players is available during this special event that marks the last important FUT 19 celebration. The players that get a FUTTIES version are some of the most popular footballers. They are chosen by the community. Here is what you need to do to get them. 

The event starts with a loyalty reward. Players will get a reward pack at the start of the event. The contents are based on how many days players have been active in since the FUT 19 was launched in September 2018. As you can imagine, the most active players that have been playing for lots of hours will be getting the biggest rewards. This pack is available for the entire duration of the event. You will get it as soon as you log in. Keep in mind that this is just the starting prize. The best part of FUTTIES comes in the form of squad building challenges and weekly objectives. 

Some of the most popular squad building challenges are back for this event. This is the players' chance to complete them and to get past rewards. FUTTIES players are voted by the community but they are actually obtained by completing the associated squad building challenge. Players have to work for them. The special FUTTIES players are not found in packs in the store. Weekly objectives are another way to get FUTTIES players. Each week will come with new challenges and prizes. Make sure you don't miss these activities as they reward select players. 

The players that can be obtained during the event are not available all at once. The first batch of players will become available on July 3rd. The next batch is released two weeks later on July 17th. The final batch will be available at the end of July. The last batch will also contain select players from the first two. If you want to vote for your favorite player, make sure to log into the game as often as possible.

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