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How to Get FUT 19 Futties Winner: Ivan Perisic?

time 07/19/2019

Ivan Perisic, born 2 February 1989, is a Croatian professional footballer who plays for Inter Milan and the Croatia national team. He usually plays as a winger, but can also adapt to be used as an attacking midfielder or second striker. This allows for him to be very unpredictable and a tough to tackle for opposing FUT players.

The 30 year old made a name for himself while playing for Club Brugge, where he was the Belgian Pro League top goalscorer and was named Belgian Footballer of the Year for 2011. This earned him a transfer to Borussia Dortmund, with whom he won the 2011–12 Bundesliga. This really kick started his career which eventually lead to a call up to the Croatia national team. He even played the most recent world cup tournament where his national team reached the final where he scored a goal. Unfortunately it wasn't enough but still earned him a runner up medal. 

Perisic was placed in the voting category of "aerial threat", this is well suited as the forward rises high to 6 foot 1 inch. The other players that contested for a card were:

• Anderson Talisca (83 - CAM)
• Yussuf Poulsen (79 - ST)

However the public did vote for...

• Ivan Perisic (86 - LM)

The most likely reason for this would be the potential for use. Talisca, although being Brazilian, does play in the Chinese Super League and is a bit awkward to build hybrids around. Poulsen plays in the Bundesliga. This year the German league has definitely made a name for itself but still lacks the advantage over the main 3 leagues (English 1, Spanish 1, Italy 1). As well as this, the, arguably, greatest player of all time made a move to the league to join Juventus and this player is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

This SBC (Squad Building Challenges) is a bit trickier than the previous challenges, it is composed of 3 pricey squads. 

The first is called Inter and the requirements are:

• 2 Inform players 
• 1 Inter player
• 86 Team rating
• 50 Team chemistry 

This accumulates the price of 140,000 and is the most expensive of the 3 squads needed to complete and it offers back a jumbo premium gold players pack (50,000).

The second team is called 86 rated squad and the requirements are quite straightforward: 

• 86 Team rating 
• 50 Team chemistry 

This total a price of 115,000 and returns a 55,000 FUT coin mega pack.

The third and final squad is labeled Serial A Tim. It requires you to submit a team that has:

• 2 Inform players 
• 1 Seria A players
• 85 Team rating
• 50 Team chemistry 

This equal a similar price to squad 2 at around 115,000 and rewards a 45,000 coin prime good players pack.

This means that the sbc can be completed for a steep price of around 350,000 FUT 19 coins with only 150,000 coins worth of packs, meaning a gross cost of 200,000 coins for the Croatian.

Ivan Perisic has not been neglected when it  comes to the distribution of special cards as he has managed to pick up 6 unique card types throughout the 2018/19 season. These include an 87 ucl card, 88 road to the final, 90 fut birthday, informs and futties. Although most of these are not necessarily given for performances it shows that EA have recognised Ivan as a favourite among the community and use him as a incentive to play.

Among the vast array of cards, his Futties winner card is by far the best with an overall rating of 93. Although his does not posses any apparent top tier base stats, he does appear to be gifted in most areas such as: pace (93), shooting (93), dribbling (93), passing (91) and physical (86) with 98 stamina and 92 jumping. This allows him to be used for the full 90 minutes and can be exploited for his height and heading ability to fit the current meta strategies.

If completed, this card will most likely stay in your team until the end of FUT 19 so be sure to choose where you invest your money wisely. 

(Contributed by Nathan Needham)

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