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FUT 19 Futties Winner Mateo Kovacic

time 07/22/2019

Mateo Kovacic, born 6 May 1994, is a Croatian professional footballer who plays in the midfield for English club Chelsea and the Croatia national team. Kovačić is usually deployed as a central midfielder as a playmaker, but he is considered to be a versatile midfielder, having played in different positions and adapted to playing either wide on the left or as an attacking midfielder.

Kovacic began his professional career with Dinamo Zagreb at the age of 16, where he won two consecutive league titles, before joining Inter in 2013. After the 2014–15 season, he moved to Real Madrid, where he has won the Champions League on three occasions. He joined Chelsea on one year loan in 2018, winning the Europa League while there. His performances for the club, often starting in the first team line up lead to a permanent transfer from the declining Spanish giants Real Madrid. However his time in Spain drew attention leading to a call up to the Croatian national team and a runners up medal at the 2018 world cup in Russia.

The 25 year old has had a very successful career and has been surrounded by some of the best. This kind of influence appears to have rubbed off on him as he has managed to keep first team positions in world class clubs. As well as this, he has achieved the vote from the fans of FUT. The category from which Kovacic arose from is Dynamic Dribbler. This label matches his ability more so than the others according to the votes. As he beat the other 2 for his position:

• Julian Draxler (83 - CM)
• Xherdan Shaqiri (81 - RW)


• Mateo kovacic (83 - CM)

For me, Kovacic was a clear winner. This is because we have already received a RW card in the form of Lozano (as you can check out on an earlier post). And once again the league 1 is inferior to the English premier league. Although they have managed to recruit the likes of Neymar, the league is filled mostly with teams that stand no chance against other leagues meaning that PSG face no formidable opposition and will not show their skills unless in European competitions. Because of this, a CM from the English first league seemed a clear choice.

Once again the SBC (Squad Building Challenge) has returned to the basic layout that the community appear to love so very much. The SBC has 2 components, the first is called Premier League and requires:

• 1 Premier league player
• 85 Team rating
• 50 Team chemistry

Surprisingly this is the cheaper of the 2 squads costing only 80,000 FUT coins and giving back a 45,000 coins prime gold players pack.

The second, cheaper, team is called 83 Rated Squad. It's requirements are fairly self explanatory:

• 83 Team rating
• 70 Team chemistry

This squad costs a minimal 40,000 FUT coins and returns 30,000 coins in the form of a rare electrum players pack.

Overall the SBC costs 120,000 FUT 19 coins and gives back the value of 75,000 in packs. This makes the card an absolute bargain as it costs a petty 45,000 coins for such an amazing card.

Despite his constant appearances for the London club, Kovacic failed to receive more than his FUT-Mas card (Decemeber) throughout his 2018/19 career. This brings the sight of his card to a new level of satisfaction for the public. His new card does not lack ability despite his cheap price. The 92 rated card has icon worthy stats such as pace (88), shooting (87), passing (90), dribbling (94). These stats reflect his playmaker abilities that he posses in and out of the game. His 92 stamina and 86 aggression means that he will run from box to box if required and be a sustainable part of your team for 90 minutes. His 5 foot 9 height is barely an issue due to his play style.

This is a clear bargain. Snap it up before it's too late.

(Contributed by Nathan Needham)

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