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FUT 19 - The Worst FUTTIES Event Ever?

time 07/23/2019

FUTTIES event has started in FUT 19 and we all know what that means. It's time to look back on one year of FUT and celebrate the best moments and the best players. It also means that one cycle is coming to an end while the next one is just around the corner. FUTTIES is the last major event. It marks the end-of-life for FUT 19. However, the game is not going anywhere. Those who have it can still play and those who don't can still buy it, but there won't be any more additions to it. Starting September, everyone's attention will shift towards the new EA FUT installment, FUT 20. But we are not yet done with the current game. We still have a few weeks during which we can take part in all sorts of in-game activities to acquire new players. 

If you haven't been playing FUT 19 that much and your team could use some improvements, FUTTIES is the perfect, and last, occasion to get some new players to boost your team's OVR. You should keep an eye on Squad Building Challenges because that's how you will be able to get your hands on the new FUT 19 players. These are special cards that have been selected by the community. Players have the chance to vote and to pick the football players that deserve a FUTTIES card. Players can choose who their favorite speedster, midfield enforce, aerial threat, or dynamic dribbler players are. These are more categories that have not been announced yet. One category is released per week. You will easily recognize the FUTTIES cards by their color. They are pink. If you are wondering how good these cards are, you should know that they are better than TOTW cards but they cannot beat TOTY or TOTS cards. The players who get the community's vote get a special FUTTIES card. You can own the normal card version and the FUTTIES version, but as you can imagine, you cannot use them both in the same team.  

Some FUT players also complained that, the FUTTIES event this year is worse than last year. Gamers alcually expect more superises but so far there are more and more disappointment.

How do you think about FUTTIES of this year? Does it meet your expectation?

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