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What Do You Think of the Last FUT 19 Update?

time 08/02/2019

FUT 19 has entered its end-of-life cycle but the work didn't stop for the development team. Just before the FUTTIES event started, a new title update was deployed. As we all know, once the FUTTIES event starts there will be no more major content updates. But the latest patch didn't concern content, it was about game responsiveness and connection while playing online matches. While some players didn't even notice the update, for others it brought some improvements. 

The notable thing about this update is that it is based on data gathered with the specialized telemetry tool. This was released a few months back. It a tool that allows developers to receive detailed feedback concerning network issues and gameplay responsiveness. Thanks to this tool, the developers gathered data from FUT 19 players from all over the world. As a result, they were able to come up with some solutions that are meant to provide a better experience when playing online. Two major fixes were applied. The first one reduces the time the game sends information to the network. The second issue deals with the buffer when information is received by the game and it is shown on the screen. The changes were introduced for FUT Champions and FUT Division Rivals. If all goes well, the changes will be implemented in other modes as well. The developers are awaiting feedback from the players and investigating how these modes perform after the change. The great thing about these fixes is that they can be easily reverted should something go wrong. For example, the unified messaging campaign was disabled because it caused some latency issues. 

Once  FUT 20 releases, there won't be that many still playing FUT 19. Nevertheless, these fixes can also be applied to the new game to make online play a smoother experience. Users need to understand that this is a sensitive issue that involves things beyond EA's control such as connection type and ISP. What are your thoughts on the update? Did you notice any improvements?

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