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Things You Might Not Know About FUT 19

time 08/06/2019

Here are a couple of trivia facts about FUT 19 regarding new modes, cover athlete, legacy editions, exclusive deals, achievements, and awards.

1: FUT 19 is the first game in the series that features UEFA clubs content. Starting with this game, players can play matches with teams from UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup. UEFA competitions mode have commentary from Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

2: Rapper Vincent Staples and Academy Award composer Hans Zimmer made a remix of the official UEFA Champions League anthem for FUT 19.

3: FUT 19 originally featured the same cover footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as FUT 18. After Ronaldo's transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus, a new cover depicting the footballer in his new team's kit was created. A few months later, the player was removed from all promotional material. EA never confirmed but rumor has that this was because of the tax evasion charges.

4: FUT 19 is the last EA FUT game that can be played on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The legacy editions don't have the new features.

5: For the first time, FUT 19 includes the FUT Women's World Cup as a separate game mode.

6: Camp Nou, FC Barcelona's home stadium, is not featured in FUT 19. This is the only La Liga stadium that is not in the game. This is because of an exclusive deal between FC Barcelona and PES Evolution Soccer 2019.

7: The Journey story mode introduced in FUT 17 comes to a conclusion in this game. Players have the chance to play the final chapter of Alex Hunter's saga. The mode allows players to switch between three different playable characters.

8: There are 41 achievements in the game. The game does not feature any secret achievements. Players will have to play all game modes if they wish to get all the achievements and points.

9: 155, 641 copies of the game were sold in Japan. In the UK, the game led the software sales chart, however, it sold 25% fewer copies in the first week than the previous installment. The game won the Best Sports Game award at Game Critics Awards and Gamescom.

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