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What to Do in the Last Days of FUT 19?

time 08/07/2019

FUT 19 isn't going anywhere, but there will unarguably be fewer players starting September 27th when the new EA FUT game is released. If you are one of the those who pre-ordered, you might be wondering what's left to do in FUT 19 anymore.

For starters, there is the FUTTIES event. This is the last major event that marks the end-of-life for the current game. It was introduced a few years ago, players took a liking to it, and so it became a permanent game addition. This event is like FUT 19 All Stars. It lasts for six weeks during which the most popular footballers are featured in squad building challenges, weekly objectives, and packs. Gamers get a second chance at obtaining FUT 19 player cards that they might've missed in the past. FUTTIES cards are pink. The featured players are part of past programs and promotions. 

The Journey started in FUT 17 is coming to an end in the current game. If you haven't played this story mode, now there's a great time to catch up. The campaign lasts for at least 20 hours. You will be switching between three characters. The Journey: Champions concludes Alex Hunter's story. Even if this is a single player activity, it still has challenging content. There are lots of customization options and numerous ways of creating a personalized experience. You get to make choices that influence the development of your character.

Not to mention, there are lots of achievements to be earned from this story mode. Speaking of, achievement hunting is another activity that's perfect if you are looking for something to do. The game has 41 achievements that include all game modes. There are The Journey achievements as well as achievements from the new Champions League mode and, of course, achievements from everyone's favorite mode, . Don't forget that there still are FUT 19 tournaments. The most important games are streamed on Twitch. There are also some rewards that can be earned by Twitch subscribers. And when you are really done with everything, a few weeks break might be just what you need before the new game.

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