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How About Experience the True Bundesliga in FUT 20?

time 09/04/2019

So, having an immersive experience as real as possible is surely one of the great perks when playing an amazing football (I dare you say soccer) game. FUT 20 is, of course, at cutting edge of the field. With the official Bundesliga broadcast package, the HUGE amount of detail about the league is astonishing!

Bundesliga: Authentic to the limit

The feeling is exactly like being in a Bundesliga match, It is bloody amazing: the broadcast package will make you feel like you are watching a live match, no doubt. Hearing the sounds, music, chants, anthem, or even the ball... everything will take you to the experience of playing FUT 20 like a real pro.

Stadiums: FUT 20 takes you to the field

If when you play FUT you want to hear the drums, the chants and feel the true atmosphere that only football (I still won’t say soccer) can give, than FUT 20 is your game. With 18 Bundesliga Stadiums (13 new ones!) you can expect your game room to become a real arena! Play at the Red Bull Arena, Olympiastadion or at the Borussia-Park and enjoy the official broadcast at it’s limits! I, personally, love the felling of playing at my club’s stadium, and you can be sure that I will always make the home factor count.

Players: more realism for your favorite stars

When the subject is realism, FUT is always at the lead. With more than 180 head scans, you will play with the most realistic Bundesliga’s FUT players of all times, everyone carefully modeled to perfection. It is quite impressive honestly, the feel is that we are between the actual players.

VOLTA is bloody awesome as well, you should give it a try!

But how about the Competitive Scenario?

Well, following FUT 20 announcement, I am sure that you will feel represented. Bundesliga is only one of the over 30 leagues brought by the football game so you can imagine how huge this game is. The competitiveness is also incredible high, with all those features you can imagine lots of pro-players climbing through the ranks without rest. We know that it is hard to keep it up, that’s why U7BUY offers a wide range of boosts, from FUT Coins to FUT Players, helping you to stay at the top or giving that little push you need to get out of that damned lower FUT Division.

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(Contributed by: Heuki)

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