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FUT 20 Volta Story Mode: A Brief Introduction

time 09/09/2019

FUT 20 brings many exciting features to the table. Volta mode is one of them. This mode allows players to experience street football. They will create a new character and use it to play matches that have other rules than the regular gameplay. This character is also the focus of the Volta story. As you can imagine, you won't be a football star from the beginning. You will start playing games and each won match brings you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

The games you will play in the Volta story are one of a kind encounters. Sometimes you will face famous street football players and other times you will match skills against community created players. You will also get the chance to play against some of the most popular professional football players. Volta is all about street football so you can expect a different experience than The Journey. You will be in charge of a football team. The goal is to get into the Volta World Championship. This is the most prestigious Volta event. It takes place in Buenos Aires. 

Players will start by making a game avatar. There are numerous customization options. They can make a unique player or choose one of the real footballers. As Volta story is about a team, you will need to learn how to get players for your team. Recruiting FUT players is not enough, you will need to make the best decisions so you can build an efficient team. You will then be able to play against other teams. There are lots of unique environments in this new mode. Now you have the chance to play on new stadiums that are street football customized. You will play against well-known street football players. The games will take you all over the world. Eventually, you will make it to the big championship in Buenos Aires.

Volta offers much more than this story mode. It is a new way of playing the game. Volta is more casual than the regular game but it has many rules that make the gameplay complex.

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