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FUT 20 DEMO: My First Impressions

time 09/26/2019

For everybody that is waiting for the 27th, the great FUT 20 launch day, I have some good news… The official demo is now live for several platforms!

I just downloaded mine at Origin and can say, looks awesome. You can do the same if you play on a PC, or look for it at PSN if you want.
But let’s start playing so I can tell you guys what I think about it.

First Impressions
I decided to start this demo and play at UEFA Champions League for my first match, Borussia Dortmund x Liverpool. The opening is amazing, the cutscenes are really exciting and the felling was that it was live, really cool.
The controls look more fluid, and I thought dribling easier than at FUT 19, but maybe that’s just my mind tricking me. The match itself was an easy one, with Van Dijk getting a red card from a penalty at 11’, I could stomp Liverpool with no effort at all.
I had no trouble with performance, the game itself is well optimized and the frame rate is fluid as the gameplay. Definitely worth the download for some matches before launch.

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So guys, with the new demo we can start playing FUT 20 and have some fun with the new features. Of course a lot probably will change before launch, but at least we can take away some of our curiosity and anxiety while we wait for the real thing.

(Contributed by: Heuki)

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