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How to do Heel to Heel, Flair Roulette, and Feint an Exit in FUT 20

time 10/03/2019

FUT 20 has lots of moves that you can do while playing. Basic moves like passes and dribbling should be mastered by any player that wants to score goals but there are many other moves that have their uses. Here is what you need to know about heel to heel, flair roulette, and feint and exit. These moves aren't hard to do. Just practice a few times and start integrating them into your play. You will notice an improvement soon enough.

Heel to heel is a move that doesn't just look cool but it will also allow you to change direction and gain an advantage when needed. You can do this skill move while you are running or while you are standing. If you are playing on PS4, then you need to hold the L1 button and to move the RS button left and then right. If you playing on Xbox One or on PC using an Xbox controller, then you will hold LB button and flick the RS button left and then right. You can also move the RS button right and then left. Keep in mind that this move can be done by players that have at least three in skill moves.

Flair roulette is a four stars move so a player can execute it only if he has four in skill moves. Just like heel to heel, it's one of the new moves that were added in FUT 20. On PlayStation 4, you need to hold R1 and rotate RS to 180 degrees forward. On Xbox One, hold LB and do the same movement with the RS button. You can do this move whenever, it doesn't matter if you are standing, running, or sprinting. You can use these move when the opponent is tackling you so you can get rid of him.

Feint and exit is another new skill move. Just like heel to heel, it can be performed by players that have three in skill moves. Use this move to get a boost when the opponent is coming towards you. If you want to do this move on the PlayStation 4 then you need to hold L1 and to rotate the RS button 180 degrees to the right. On Xbox One it's the same combination, you just have to LB instead of L1. You can also rotate to the left instead of right.

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