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Do You Want to Work for FUT 20?

time 10/04/2019

Are you a FUT 20 player looking to be part of the EA Sports FUT team? Now it's your chance to join the Talent Scout program and become a data reviewer. The Talent Scout is an EA program that encourages football fans and FUT players to contribute to the game.

The community has the chance to help the development team. We all know that the FUT Series is praised, among others, for being a realistic simulation of the game of football. The players are re-created in the smallest details, and it's not just their physical appearance we are talking about. Their stats and skills accurately represent their performance.

It takes a tremendous amount of work to do this and FUT Data Collection Community is part of the reason we get these realistic simulations. Would you like to be part of it and to make the game better?

If you are not just a FUT 20 player but also an expert in football, you are welcome to take a shot at joining the FUT Data Collection Community. What will be your job?

You will become a data reviewer. This is a person who gives feedback on the football players and teams. It means that you will share your opinion on players' attributes, OVR, behavior, and pretty much everything.

Why is your feedback necessary? Because that's how the developers know whether they did a good job with the rating estimation or not. The rating of the players and teams can be modified based on this feedback.

What's in it for you? Unfortunately, EA doesn't pay data reviewers so there's no money in it for you. On the bright, side you get to make your favorite game better and it will also look good on your resume.

Consider it as an internship. You never know how is it going to help you in the future. It might even help you score a job with EA Sports. Being a volunteer position, this also means that you can quit it at any time you want. You can do this as a hobby if you find it a nice way to spend the time. There are more than 6,000 people currently volunteering as data reviewers. The registration is open to players from any country.

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