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Can You Get These Moves in FUT 20?

time 10/15/2019

These are the button combos and the requirements for FUT 20 moves such as the drag back sombrero, drag to drag, heel chop turn, strafe dribbling, and set up touch.

Do you want to do a drag back sombrero move with your FUT 20 player? Here is what you need to do. First of all, make sure that the player you are attempting the move with has five stars in skill moves. If you are using a PlayStation 4 controller, hold the R1 button and flick the LS backward, after that you need to press R3. The combination is the same on an Xbox controller. You hold R1 and flick LS backward and then you press RS.

Make sure to follow these instructions for a drag to drag move. It's a four stars move and it has been introduced in FUT 20. On the PlayStation 4, you will hold L2 button and square and X. You can also hold the circle button and X. On an Xbox controller, you will hold LT and press X and A. You can also achieve this with B and A combo.

The heel chop turn is another new FUT 20 move. This is a four stars move so make sure to select your player accordingly. On PlayStation 4, you hold L2 and the square button and X or the circle button and X while you hold LS to the left. With an Xbox controller, you have to hold LT and press X and A, or you can also press B with A and hold the LS button to the left.

The strafe dribbling is another great move. Practice it a few times and you will master it in no time. This is a new way to dribble and it can be done by all players. It's a simple move but it will help you a lot. On the PlayStation 4 controller, you have to hold L1 and move LS in any direction. On the Xbox controller, you will hold LB and move LS.

Set up touch is not exactly a skill move like the previous ones but it's worth knowing. You can do this with any player. This move will improve your chances of scoring a goal and it will help you pass your opponent. You can combine it with timed finishing. On the PlayStation 4 controller, you have to hold R1 and move RS in the direction you want to move. It's the same on Xbox. You just have to hold RB and move RS.

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