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FUT 20: How Do These 2 Controller Settings Work for Players?

time 10/17/2019

FUT 20 has many controller settings that allow players to change the way they interact with the game. If you want to change some of these settings, first you need to open the main menu. Go to the customize tab and then select the controls option. If you are a game veteran, you will see some options that weren't there before. FUT 20 has new controller settings such as pass receiver lock, right stick switching, and jockey assistance. We will explain what the pass receiver lock option is all about.

The Pass Receiver Lock has two settings: late and early.

The default option is late. When this option is on, the player will have more time to modify the direction of the ball before kicking it. Use this option when you want to change while you are aiming. As you can imagine, the late setting gives more control. You will be able to control the direction for a longer time but you need to be careful about one thing. You can easily change the aim right before making the pass. Make sure this doesn't happen by accident. You can start the pass by aiming in a direction and by the time you complete it the aim will be in another direction. Completing the pass means kicking the ball.

The early option will prevent you from modifying the direction earlier. You should make up your mind earlier because you won't be able to modify the direction in the last seconds just before you kick the ball. Even if you attempt to change the direction, the ball will still go in the initial direction if the early option is on. What is the advantage or the disadvantage of this option? You don't need to worry about accidentally altering the direction of the pass but you need more precision.

How option should you use? If you have played FUT games before, this late option will feel more comfortable with you. If you are a new player, try both settings and choose the one you like the most. In the end, it all comes down to what you prefer.

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