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FUT 20 and the Problem of Not Knowing How to Manage the Hype

time 10/29/2019

FUT 20 has aroused tremendous interest among regular players and those who had abandoned this saga for different reasons. The problem is that when you are able to raise so much hype then you have to know how to keep it and in this EA Sports needs to improve.

FUT 20 is possibly the best game in history when it comes to sports simulators. I have defended it since I was able to try the final version of the game and I still maintain it, although every time they are making me more complicated from EA Sports with their actions.

In social networks a debate has been generated in the last hours about whether, from the company, they were generating enough innovative content to hook users. That made me think and I began to think about the reasons I had to enter the game daily.

The truth is that I fell quite short. Last year, until January, when I said that I had had enough frustration in my life, I went in daily looking for the most interesting news of the game.

However, this year, despite being very excited about the SBCs that are coming out, the truth is that I hardly find any motivation to enter every day to play and participate in any of the multiple game modes that it has.

What has motivated me the most since the game started is Ultimate Team. Nor is it complicated considering that career mode is currently unusable and that Volta is very cool, but it is not to invest a thousand hours in a row.

The fact is that they are not finishing exploiting, in the best possible way, all the options they have to offer their players. With the Champions cards they have passed without penalty or glory, despite being the most important competition and, surely, it is not easy to keep it.

Flashback cards in FUT 20?

On the other hand, the first Flashback that is launched is Walcott with a card that barely attracts attention and has a prohibitive price for most players. And all this in a week where there are no club games, ideal time to increase the peak of users taking advantage of that there is much more desire for football ... we will talk about them next week.

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