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TOTW in FUT 20

time 10/31/2019

The Team Of The Week is back in FUT 20. Discover how this special player purchase mechanic works, how its players differ from normal players ... everything you need to know.

The FUT 20 has a good amount of mechanics. We have the option to buy players, and with some eye we can sign the best players. However, we can also make a special signing, that of the members of the Team of the week, Team of the week or TOTW.

TOTW: what it is and how it works

As we have said, TOTW stands for Team of the week, Team of the week in Spanish. This is a team formed by the best players of the main leagues of the week. We refer, of course, to the performance of soccer players in the real world, not to the overall performance they may have within the game as members of the players' teams.

The TOTW is made up of eleven headlines, the best players of the week; as well as several substitute players, all of them part of this "star selection of the week". Players who are part of the TOTW have enhanced statistics, and will count on them even when their presence within the TOTW ends, provided you have acquired them.

When is there a new TOTW?

The TOTW is renewed every Wednesday at around 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). You have until that moment to get the improved template that forms this special team.

Remember that, although you have TOTW members available every Wednesday, you can also search for the best players available for the UT one by one. We want to help you with that by explaining which are the best strikers, the best midfielders, the best defenders, the best goalkeepers, the best shooters, the best dribblers and the strongest players. If you are short of coins for the UT, do not ignore our tips to get coins quickly.

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