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FUT 20 – Ultimate Scream Second Batch

time 11/04/2019

Ultimate Scream, the Halloween-themed FUT 20 event, came with lots of new players. Some are obtained by playing activities such as squad building challenges and others are found in packs. Here are the players from the second batch.

Toni Kroos is the highest-rated player. He is a center midfielder with 90 OVR. The German footballer plays for Real Madrid and the national Germany team. His card has the following stats: 75 pacing, 82 shooting, 92 passing, 83 dribbling, 72 defending, and 80 physical. Lorenzo Insigne OVR 89 is a center forward player. He plays for Napoli and the national Italy team.

Insigne has 91 pacing, 87 shooting, 87 passing, 93 dribbling, 37 defending, and 70 physical.

Roberto Firmino plays for Liverpool and the national Brazilian team. He started his professional career in 2009. His Ultimate Scream card has 88 OVR with 80 pacing, 84 shooting, 82 passing, 89 dribbling, 80 defending, and 85 physical.

Iago Aspas Juncal plays for Celta and the national Spain team. He is a striker with 87 OVR and 86 pacing, 86 shooting, 87 passing, 87 dribbling, 37 defending, and 68 physical.

Dimitri Payet is a French player who plays for Olympique de Marseille and his national team. He started his senior career in 2004 alongside AS Excelsior. He is a center attacking midfielder with 86 OVR and 85 pacing, 80 shooting, 84 passing, 84 dribbling, 40 defending, and 82 physical.

Kevin Gameiro plays for Valencia. He has 86 OVR and he is a striker. His attributes are 87 pacing, 81 shooting, 76 passing, 87 dribbling, 45 defending, and 80 physical.

Kieran Trippier plays for Atletico Madrid and the national English team. He is an 85 OVR right back with 86 pacing, 75 shooting, 83 passing, 78 dribbling, 80 defending, and 74 physical.

Adama Traore Diarra plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers. He is an 85 OVR right winger with 98 pacing, 80 shooting, 78 passing, 87 dribbling, 42 defending, and 83 physical.

Jeremiah St. Juste plays for 1.FSV Mainz 05.

He has 84 OVR and he is a center back. His stats are 84 pacing, 60 shooting, 66 passing, 75 dribbling, 83 defending, and 85 physical.

Gary Medel is a Spanish footballer who plays for Bologna. He is a center defending midfielder with 84 OVR and 70 pacing, 80 shooting, 85 passing, 75 dribbling, 82 defending, and 84 physical.

Diego Laxalt plays for Torino and the national Uruguay team. He has 90 pacing, 83 shooting, 85 pacing, 80 dribbling, 64 defending, and 71 physical.

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(Contributed by Reda)

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