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FUT 20 Trading Tips: How To Make More Coins?

time 11/15/2019

We are going to take all the steps so that you can correctly make the Tech Avion in FUT 20, a way of making money that has been working for several years, and that will allow you to get rich.
If you don't have much time to play FUT 20, you may not get much out of the transfer market. However, if you master the trading technique in FUT 20, you can get a lot of benefits from the transfer market without spending too much time.
Here are all the steps to do the trading in FUT 20 correctly, something you would have to do at least once a week with a large set of players.
To be totally clear, this is a way to make quick and easy money in the FUT 20 transfer market. The idea is to buy players at their lowest price, who are in some particular style of chemistry, and then sell them for a higher price in the transfer market, and do so with a large set of players.

How to do FUT 20 trading step by step
Find the players you should buy at a low price: you can easily find the most popular players of the moment, and see at what price they have been sold in recent days on the internet.
Buy these cards at the minimum price with chemistry styles: the idea is that of the cards that you have previously selected to buy, look for them at the minimum price and have a chemistry style to make them more attractive later in the transfer market. The recommended chemistry styles would be hawk, shadow, hunter, and anchor. Purchases at the minimum price, and do not mind paying a little more if you have any of the previous chemistry styles. We must include them so that they have 99 of physical form and 99 of contracts. So take advantage of all the contracts you have and include them in the letter.
Sale price in the transfer market: now all the cards we have bought, enhanced with a style of chemistry, with 99 physical form and 99 contracts, we must resell them in the transfer market at a higher price, following any of these two procedures:

If the player is worth less than 100,000 coins, we must put them on sale at a price that includes the first digit and then add 2.5. In this way, if a player has earned us 29,000, we should put him on sale for 33,500 to get an interesting benefit.
If the player is worth more than 100,000 coins we select the first two digits and add 2.5. In this way a player worth 140,000, we should sell it to 156,500.

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