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FUT 20 retouches distant shooting and definition within the area

time 11/20/2019

Electronic Arts has updated FUT 20. The players of the title, available since last September, can now download the new patch for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions, which introduces changes and adjustments to the playable scheme with touch-ups where they stand out direct free and plays within the area.

After a recent patch dedicated to bugs and Career Mode, as well as a record debut with more than 10 million players in its first weeks, this new iteration of the saga is not without errors. To begin with, the impact of the speed of the ball has been increased by calculating the margin of error of the shots at the first touch; The impact of the vertical velocity of the ball has also been increased by calculating the margin of error of the volleys at the first touch.

On the other hand, the impact of high attributes has been reduced by reducing the margin of error of difficult shots. According to the developer, this change only affects the reduction of the margin of error that is applied when the attributes used in shooting situations between 91 and 99. In no case does it affect quality shots or Vaseline.

Changes in long throw and finish attributes
In attribute long shot is one of those that have been updated with this new patch of FUT 20. Now it affects the shots that are made at a distance of about 20 meters or more from the target (which is the exact location where it is expected that go the ball, determined by the direction pressed and the shooting assist setting).

The completion attribute now affects shots made 17 meters or less from the target. Those that are made between 17 and 20 meters, exactly, will now be governed by a weighted average between the long distance and completion attributes by staying midway between both attributes.

It also increases the probability that the shots do not reach the target if they are made 14 meters or more from the target. It should also be added that this effect increases with the distance between 14 and 17 meters, the maximum in this respect. Finally, EA adds that any shot taken at 17 meters or more will be less likely to reach the target.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)

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