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FUT 20 succeeded or failed? (Part B)

time 11/22/2019

We will continue where we stay with this review ... the gameplay! The gameplya is the essential part of a video game, so now we will talk about the new implementations that were adapted for the new installment of this franchise.

Finally, we also have improvements in the ball: its movements change depending on factors such as wind, the way of hitting the ball or the way we receive the ball, this makes it possible to continue spinning, to bounce in a certain way or in a certain direction or that simply grab a curve when hitting it, this is one of the biggest differences we see and that makes the game a bit more realistic and competitive.

As for the game modes, old acquaintances return, although we no longer had a story mode, the campaign mode returns either for player or Technical Director, tournament modes, Champions League mode and of course FUT 20, this mode online that offers us a huge amount to make a team, compete and win. FUT Fut 20 returns with new players, new updates, teams, shirts and many, but many player envelopes, one of FUT's most competitive game modes will make you spend hours in front of the TV until you become the best player online. But one of the new additions is “FUT Volta”, this new game mode reminds us of the glory years of FUT Street, this soccer game with street games, where the technique was everything, Volta recreates this scenario very well and However, maybe it's too simple for what was once FUT Street, although it stays in quick 3-minute games where the prawns are basically the same as in the normal game mode, so the "magic" It is not so present but it is still quite fun to face 3vs3 teams.

FUT 20 achieves a fairly solid delivery again, despite having significant losses from clubs that are not with an official name within the game (they are under another name), which does not represent a major problem for FUT 20 to stand out against the competition. However, the innovative part of the game seems to go backwards with each passing year, after having great updates with the beginning of this generation of consoles, with a great story mode that is no longer there, the franchise has to be more ambitious than Never to be able to stay on top, at the end of the day we saw that club licenses are no longer everything.

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(Contributed by Salazar.Cien)

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