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FUT 20 – Gameplay and Visuals Update

time 12/16/2019

FUT 20 rolled another series of changes and improvements. It's quite a hefty patch with a lot of content. As usual, the update first comes to PC and then to consoles. Some changes concern the general gameplay. Shots that are taken 15 meters closer to the target are now more effective. They have fewer chances of being affected by error. Shots that are made inside the box have decreased impact ball speed and vertical ball speed. The location where the ball goes is calculated using the directional input and shooting assistance.

The modification aims to make shooting more real so players can experience an accurate reproduction of what happens on a real football field. Ground passes that are done in easy passing circumstances have better accuracy. These circumstances appear when the other team doesn't put pressure on the players and there is no interference. The pass is also made from a good angle and distance. Take note that the modification doesn't affect through and lobbed passes.

The ground passes that are done during goal, corner, or free kicks have faster speeds now. After the shoot action, the penalty takers don't move their heads anymore. As soon as the run-up begins, their head will stay in the middle. This has no impact when aiming the kick while doing the run-up.

If you were bothered by the following issues, you will be glad to know that they have been addressed. The issue that was preventing players from doing a manual player switch when they were in the middle of a standing tackle action was fixed. This issue occurred when player switching with the right stick and the associated button. The camera will transition faster during goal and corner kicks.

Players will have a higher chance of scoring in certain situations thanks to the increase of some attributes. This affects all shots. The game's visuals got a little attention as well. You will notice that some stadiums, ad boards, balls, and apparel have improved visuals. The broadcast packages got some updates as well. Twenty-nine star heads are now part of the game.

All the changes come in effect after the servers get an update. You don't have to do anything special to update the game, just make sure that you have a working Internet connection.

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(Contributed by Reda)

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